Your memories of the Coronation Day of Queen Elizabeth II

An Introduction

With the celebrations in 2012 of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I decided to start a blog to collect people’s memories of the Coronation.

Obviously, the memories will come from personsĀ over a certain age!

During the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the BBC broadcasted a programme entitled “The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II”. This is available on YouTube at

YouTube copy of Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

A number of people involved recount their memories of that day, including a couple of the Ladies in Waiting.

The Coronation was held on 2nd June 1953 (61 years ago in June 2014), while the Queen ascended the throne on 6th February 1952 on the death of her father, George VI. The television programme explains why this was.

UK newspapers produced 60th anniversary supplements. On 18th May 2013, the Daily Mail produced a supplement “The Coronation 60 years on”. This is full of photographs and comments on the big day. The Daily Mail were also producing a DVD.

Please make any contributions which you think appropriate and leave a real name (if you wish) and the location of your celebration. The blog will request an email address so that I can contact you if I have a moderation query – I will not release your email address unless you give me permission.

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